Getting closer

It’s Saturday night, the 15th, and we are down to one field of corn left.  It’s a bigger one, the Huey Flat Left field, 215 acres.  We are waiting a bit to go get it, because we know it will be a little wet.  It was planted June 8, after all the spring flooding, so we’re giving it until Monday to allow the grain to get a little drier.

We finished this afternoon at the Steen farm, just east of Wheatland, Indiana.  It was a beautiful, sunny day.  After the move of the combines back home, I took the 9330 with a disk to work in the cornstalk-stubble fields of the Steen, Newman, and Steen Hill farms… knocking down some of the weeds around tile risers and along the edges of some of the ditches.  It looks better now, and it’s ready for the next operation which will be the soybean planter.  (Hopefully in early April)

We also have some soybeans left to cut, a few dozen acres of replanted beans, and the after-wheat double-crop soybeans.  The replanted ones may be ready next week, but I expect the double-crop beans to take until near November.

It has been a busy time with visitors today… Steven Williams and some of his friends were here today from east Tennessee scouting out some places to go deer hunting.  My nephew Luke Hobson arrived this evening, and we are expecting one of Philip’s Oregon friends, Rebecca Black.  It’s always a happy time to have ‘company’.   Pat is preparing a cook-out over a fire in the back yard.  The cool evening weather is perfect for that.

Therefore, tomorrow is a day off, and there will be time for relaxing in the afternoon after church.  Pat and I are fortunate to be a part of a great church, Wheatland Christian Church, in Wheatland, Indiana.

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