We are experimenting with a new website to give you information about our family farm.  We hope you will be patient as we develop this site.  Please come back to see information that we will post occasionally to let you know what is happening at Carnahan & Sons.   Thanks to Dennis’ son Philip for the suggestion, encouragement, and technical expertise to create this website.  

Today, May 30th is not a typical day for us.  Usually, by this time of year we are overseeing the growth of our entire crop.  But this year, the rainy weather and the flooding on White River has delayed our progress.  We still have almost 1000 acres to plant, mostly soybeans.  It won’t take long to do what is remaining, but we need more dry weather.  After a drive around the fields this morning, we determined that it will still be several more days before our planters will return to work.  -Dennis

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